A$AP Ferg is one of those dudes who's pretty much cool with everyone. You've never really heard anyone actually say they have any problems with him. Unfortunately, he got dragged into some political issues between City Girls and Asian Doll. So, back in July, Ferg dropped his song, "Wigs" which was initially supposed to feature Asian Doll and the City Girls but there ended up being two separate versions featuring City Girls and Asian Doll individually. As Ferg tells it, he was just making a song but politics in the rap game prevented him from featuring City Girls and Asian Doll on the same song.


"She told me a  whole thing where, it's like, there was no problems. She ain't have no problems with the City Girls. This that, and the third. It was just a whole lot of back-and-forths with Coach [K] because I ain't think it was nothing. I'm just putting everyone on the song together," he recalled before revealing Yung Miami expressing her excitement about being on the song. "Coach was like, 'Hol' up. Let me make sure it's not some shit.' And then umm... it was some shit."

Asian Doll initially called out Ferg on Twitter for taking her off the song. "I got mad love for @ASAPferg but him taking me off “WIG” was a big mistake," Asian wrote. "I BODIED THIS SHIT IN MY SLEEP." Ferg later released another version with her on it, fixing the alleged mistake. Hopefully, she slept well after that.

The feud itself allegedly stems from Asian's claim that she and Megan Thee Stallion were the only women in rap who are actually writing their own music. Yung Miami seemingly took offense and spoke out since it's a well known fact that Lil Yachty wrote their biggest song to date, "Act Up."