A California Prisoner by the name of Richard Dupree may just be the greatest songwriter of our generation-- that or he's completely out of his mind. The inmate has filed a new lawsuit which should give further ammunition to Illuminati conspirators, claiming that artists such as Jay Z, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Chris Brown, and Rihanna have stolen 3,000 songs he wrote in prison.

Since Dupree is claiming to have written some of the biggest hits of the last decade, he's looking for $2.4 Billion in compensation. It might not be too easy to collect on however, as according to the prisoner, Jay and Bey have been working with the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security to acquire the songs from him.

The suit was filed in California's Eastern District Court on April 21st, but from the looks of it, it probably won't get too far off the ground.

Listen to "Run This Town", a song Dupree is likely claiming authorship of, below.