Post Malone may be a fun-loving individual, but he has first-hand experiences at what truly lies beyond the veil. His love of the supernatural has been well documented, and though he continuously seeks out life's greater mysteries, it would appear the treacherous nature of his Scooby-Doo-esque excursions have taken a toll on his well-being. Now, Posty explains to TMZ that he's ready for a simple Halloween resolution: booze yes, ghosts no.

"Am I going to drink any spirits?" says Post, hearing exactly what he wants to hear. "I'm going to drink a shit load of spirits on Halloween." Unfortunately, the man's connection to the great unknown has continued to plague him. A theory exists in which Post Malone, curious scoundrel that he is, found himself unleashing unholy and malevolent spirits onto the world; vengeful creatures that they are, the spirits have taken to plaguing his everyday existence. How else does one explain the recent run of misfortune, which found Posty experiencing several near-death experiences, a robbery, and a brief venture into "homelessness."

Though he does feel confident his "positive energy" served to thwart his ethereal visitors, it should be noted that Post's supernatural ties run deep. The singer previously opened up about a harrowing experience with a spirit, which likely put him on ghost-radar for eternity and beyond. Some curses can never be shaken. Get this man some pumpkin spiced rum-nog and an EMF meter.