Some dark tidings have befallen both Post Malone and Lil Pump, who once appeared so prosperous. It would appear that the duo have somehow managed to squander their fortune, presumably on diamonds, drugs, Bud Light, cars, and other materialistic goods. Any property they previously may have owned has in all likelihood been repossessed. In fact, one can only imagine the dire straits that both Posty and Pump must be facing. Gone are the "rockstar residuals." Not even Smokepurpp has offered his couch for crashing; his generosity has long since expunged. 

In any case, Pump and Post have decided to persevere together. Taking to the streets in tandem, the pair of rappers turned vagabonds have officially announced "homeless" status. Yet home is, after all, where the heart is, and seeing a couple of buds sticking together through tough times is enough to warm even the chilliest of hearts. Should you find yourself crossing paths with the once-mighty chart-toppers, consider lending an ear, for who knows what manner of strange tale they may share?