Post Malone went on a little field trip with his buddy, "Ghost Adventures" star  Zak Bagans. They visited what is known as the "world's most haunted object." Although Bagans might have been comfortable in this scenario, Post wasn't ready for any possession-adjacent shenanigans.

It all went down in Zak's Haunted Museum in June. The object in questions is called a dybbuk box. Dybbuk, when translated from Yiddish, means "malicious spirit." The box is also inspired by a horror film entitled The Possession. It is no wonder why Posty was seemingly flustered when Bagans felt inspired to touch the object.

The Dybbuk box is usually covered by a protective case. After pounding a few beers back, Zak decided to expose the box for the first time ever. When he placed his hand on it, Posty started spazzing. 

The rapper tried to convince his friend to stop his fear-inducing antics, placing a hand on Zak's shoulder. The ghost enthusiast then told the entertainer that this action alone was enough to trigger a curse. At this point, Post Malone screamed and pulled Bagans out of the room.

Apparently, Zak Bagans believes this encounter is behind the rap star's near-death experiences. The emergency landing of his plane, his intense car crash, and his home invasion are said to be connected to the bad juju he received in that room.