A songwriter is accusing Post Malone of royally screwing him out of money and credits on "Circles," TMZ reports. Tyler Armes filed a lawsuit against Post Malone and producer Frank Dukes for credit as a co-writer of the song and for his share of royalties from past and future song sales and streams.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In the lawsuit, Armes said that Post Malone's manager facilitated a writing session with him and Post Malone in August 2018 which ultimately resulted in the Billboard chart-topping single, "Circles." However, his name is nowhere to be seen in the song credits, even though he claims responsibility for the chords, bassline, and the guitar melody, among other things. 

Armes said that there has been negotiation with Post's team prior to the song's release on August 30th. A five percent cut of the publishing royalties were offered but Armes wanted a bigger cut and an actual credit on the song. In turn, he claims Post's team essentially turned down the offer and told him off.

The court documents even claim that Post Malone's manager had an exchange where Post recognized Armes' input. Of course, even Post's acknowledgment of his contributions to the track doesn't mean anything if he's not actually getting credit or a bag from it. 

Armes is suing Post Malone and Frank Dukes who he claims was at the session when the song was created.