Post Malone has been one of the most peculiar figures in the music industry since his arrival, confusing some as he skirts around the outlines of genres and continually ends up on the Billboard Hot 100. One thing is undeniable about Posty though and that is his likeability. The singer has a certain charm about him that many fans have gravitated to, with the "White Iverson" artist showing off his smiley personality on a consistent basis. Recently announced to be collaborating with Bud Light for a Dive Bar Tour in Nashville, Tennessee, Post is promoting the performance by challenging strangers to validate their friendship skills.

The singer hijacked bargoers phones, asking their best friends to bring random items to the bar to prove their friendship knows no bounds. The friendship test included requests for people to bring a lamp to the hole-in-the-wall, requesting a man to frequent the bar in a mesh top and, our personal favorite, asking a woman to wear an inflatable T-Rex costume to the establishment. The strangers came through, passing Post's friendship challenge with flying colors. If you've ever wondered what it would look like for a T-Rex to walk into a dive bar, this may be as close as you'll ever get.

Of course, the winners were rewarded as they get to see Posty perform when he hits the extra special Bud Light Dive Bar tour on April 4. How far would you go for your friends if a Post Malone concert was the prize?