There are some who might argue that healthy competition has all but faded from hip-hop, citing the posse cuts of the nineties and early two-thousands as the gold standard. Yet many of today's active artists are genuine students of the game, taking pride in their ability to hold it down with a highlight-reel verse.

For Polo G, that opportunity arose with the release of "Gang Gang," a collaboration that found him linking up with one of his idols -- Lil Wayne. Alas, by his own admission he fell slightly short, taking to Twitter to reflect on his experience being "outshone" by the legendary lyricist. 

"Lol Wayne The Only Ni*ga Eva Walked Me Down On a Song," wrote Polo, a few days back. "But I definitely need my rematch or sum. It’s crazy tho cuz I take the approach I do in this shit cuz of him...goin From Tryna study The lyrics to actually bein on a song w Em."

Polo G

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

To be fair, Lil Wayne tends to outshine the majority of his collaborators, whether a veteran or a newcomer. Even Nicki Minaj, no stranger to stealing the spotlight, recently admitted to being "washed" by Weezy and Drizzy on their recent "Seeing Green" collab. Luckily, Polo G doesn't appear to be sweating it in the slightest -- in fact, he likely knew the risks upon securing the Weezy feature to begin with. Perhaps, should a "rematch" indeed occur, Polo G will put in that extra work to ensure he comes out on top -- difficult though such a task may be.

After all, Wayne is a competitor to the core, as evidenced by his own perspective on collaboration. Lest we forget, this is a man who refused to be one-upped by Eminem, who has a habit of outshining his guests at every opportunity. We wish Polo G the best of luck in his new challenge -- do you think the young emcee has it in him?