Brockhampton is America's favourite boy band as well as Paul Rudd's. The Ant-Man actor was spotted at the group's second show at New York's Terminal 5 on Monday attending the concert with his kids and one video, in particular, shows Paul vibing out hard with the crowd

Having Paul as a dad seems pretty tight, as the family even linked up with the band backstage and fans online even found previous interview evidence of Paul expressing how much his kids love the group and have been putting him onto good music. 

The group experienced a major shift recently when member Ameer Vann was dropped after sexual misconduct allegations. 

“Seeing how we got through what we got through? Most people would’ve just quit, given up, gone back to the [job at the] bank,” Kevin Abstract said. "This was really scary. I think we’re always scared, but we have each other to lean on, so we’re not being extremely vulnerable in front of the world by ourselves. We have each other."