In the wake of their biggest commercial success thus far, self-professed boyband Brockhampton have taken a moment to reflect. After Ameer Vann was ousted over various accusations of sexual misconduct, the group found themselves facing a crossroads. Luckily, the foundations they had built over time proved solid, thanks to a familial bond forged between the young collective. “Seeing how we got through what we got through? Most people would’ve just quit, given up, gone back to the [job at the] bank,” reflects Abstract. "This was really scary. I think we’re always scared, but we have each other to lean on, so we’re not being extremely vulnerable in front of the world by ourselves. We have each other."  

Though fans stand divided on Iridescence, many came to appreciate the project's highly personal nature. It's no wonder, given the group themselves might admit a sense of creative rejuvenation. "It makes it feel fun and fresh again,” explains creative director HK. “Versus making a third album in a trilogy where you’ve already set parameters and guidelines of how things should be. Having that open canvas again and taking it where we want to go has been the most eye-opening and refreshing thing.“

Their hard work has indeed paid off. Iridescence has been a commercial success, landing a number one spot on the Billboard charts. Despite the momentous milestone, Brockhampton has no signs of slowing down. It's simply a matter of consolidating the vast array of ideas floating around their collective consciousness. "The possibilities are endless and limitless," admits Kevin Abstract. "There’s so much more work that we need to do to be considered one of the greats.”

[via Entertainment Weekly]