In his first Canadian interview ever, PartyNextDoor opened up to NOW Magazine, a local Toronto publication, about his dreams for the future as the premier artist on OVO Sound. Here's what the usually tight-lipped artist said about his aspirations with Drake:

"I competitively want to produce just as many records for Drake as Kanye West did for Jay Z ... I want to write just as much as Kanye may have for whomever Kanye has written for. I want to do as much as I can do while I'm young."

PND went on to explain his longtime admiration for Kanye West:

"When I was younger I was influenced by Kanye, his story of coming up and how he kept producing and producing and saying, 'I'm more than just a producer. I'm more than just a writer. I'm more than just a guy in the studio here to give you ideas. I have a story.'"

In terms of his role on OVO, this is what Party had to say:

"I even said this on the phone with the label yesterday. I think everyone has their roles, and in my opinion, I'm like the young hot boy of OVO: stubborn, very step-out-on-his-own and do-his-own-thing. I might wanna do pop. I would call myself the Pharrell of OVO. There are no rules for me."

To read the whole interview, check er out right here.