PARTYNEXTDOOR has a new single out called "Own Up To You S**t." Based on the subject matter he deals with in his lyrics, he might have not-so-subtly called out another member of the R&B community: Kehlani.

First, there are the details of the new song, which comes across as a bit of rarity in and of itself. Given away as a free download by PND, it's undoubtedly just a warm-up session for his upcoming OVO label effort, Club Atlantis. A low-key instrumental, made up of a gentler backbeat and some soothing piano chords coasting over top of it, provides the structure upon which Party builds his supposed case against Kehlani through his rhymes. After collaborations with Wiz Khalifa, Ty DOlla $ign and Jadakiss over the last few weeks, there's legitimate buzz about when PND is going to drop that next album and, if so, what it will consist of. Are these free downloads one-off gifts to fans or is he simply rethinking his pre-release delivery method for the LP, rolling out the songs in quick succession and making them easily accessible for fans? Only time will tell but, for now, one thing is certain - "Own Up To You S**t" is an angry salvo fired at an ex of his for not taking adequate responsibility for her contributions to the relationship's downfall.

Specifically, you've got the following line, which is being interpreted by many as a thinly-veiled shout out to his former flame: "I’m the only one who put his head down on your hospital bed/You the one who let me down." This is most likely in reference to the events that went down in March of 2016, when the female singer was hospitalized after a reported suicide attempt. In that moment of extreme vulnerability, PND was photographed by her side, helping her over the traumatic incident. However, Party reveals that the story had a bitter ending for the two of them, adding "I was the one who called the ambulance and said you was forgiven/Even though that I was the one that was cheated on and watched her tell the story wrong." There's no name-dropping involved, but the message seems to be clear from PND: he's still stung over what happened.

Check out the song below.