PartyNextDoor just kicked off his tour with Jeremih, and with the new set of dates comes a new interview with the Toronto singer. PND has been known to be fairly reclusive, and as a result his interviews are few and far between, so this Power 98 conversation is one to be cherished.

PND has been hinting at a joint project with his tour partner, Jeremih, but when asked whether the two were working on music, he was fairly tight lipped, "Something like that," he said with a grin.

He went on to describe 'Mih as someone he can easily relate to in the industry. "He's a very interesting man. Our energies are similar," he said. "I'm just glad we can coexist."

Later on, the singer was asked about his time writing for Rihanna, for whom he helped pen "Work" and "Sex With Me."

"It was inspiring. She let me into her house, literally," he said. "It was a working camp, a working environment. She told me a few stories. I interviewed her and then I wrote a few songs for her. That’s really how it went down."

According to PND, he actually finds writing for other artists a less taxing process than his own material. "It's easier to write for other people than to write for myself," he said. "I can go into imagination with other people. For myself, it's more of like -- I've got admit it, I've got to tell the truth. I prefer writing for myself, because I like the challenge."

Watch the full interview below.