"Violent Crimes" was arguably one of the most intimate songs on Kanye West's Ye. The song concluded the project with storytelling that caused a visceral response in many listeners as it seemed to warn West's daughter of the potential dangers she may face as a woman of color. Fans were shocked to learn that Pardison Fontaine had essentially written the song with Kanye contributing two line modifications to the lyrics. This revelation upset the songwriter, according to his interview with GQ.

Kanye West tweeted Fontaine's writing credit to the masses in September, information that was deemed unnecessary by the wordsmith. Pardison eventually expressed his displeasure with Yeezy: “Nobody needed to know. I hit him about that, like, That's not why I do that for.”

The intentions behind Ye's tweet were probably good. He seemed to want to give his fellow artist some well-deserved props for his talents: "Pardison Fontaine wrote the Violent Crimes verses. I changed 2 lines. He wrote the entire song though. Cyhi Cons Pardi. The ghost in the industry."

Despite this apparent compliment, Pardison Fontaine does not want to be known as a ghostwriter. His writing for his idol, Kanye West, and his friend, Cardi B, should be considered exceptions. He is striving to cement his name as an artist and performer in his own right.