There was once a time when Offset's solo album was among the more anticipated hip-hop commodities. It's entirely possible that the powers that be became well aware of this, and thus, saved his project for last. As a result, fans were treated to solo drops from Quavo and Takeoff, while Offset remains waiting in the wings. Admittedly, a publicized breakup and subsequent attempts at rekindling seemingly took priority over a promotional rollout, and thus, Offset's debut was moved from 2018 into the New Year.

Now, however, it would appear that the wheels have once again been set in motion. By the man himself, at that. Offset took to Instagram to provide a vague, albeit welcome announcement. "Album too soon!" he writes, in signature spaced-out fashion. While the lack of date is slightly frustrating, it's entirely possible that Offset will position himself to drop in February, as the MigosCulture 3 depends on his project's arrival. 

While details are relatively scarce, we do know that the album will feature a diminished focus on "Pateks." A refreshing change of pace, though we'll believe it when we see it. Are you excited for that new Offset album? Sound off below.