Luxury vehicles are a favorite among rappers, but only a few can match Offset's collection. The Migos star and his wife Cardi B have given a tour of their garages and to say that Offset likes to keep a car of every color is an understatement, so it made sense that Cardi's birthday present to her husband was one he would never forget. Last week, Cardi and her crew celebrated Offset's 29th birthday, and a highlight of the evening was when she presented him with the gold-plated, $600K Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.

Offset's excitement was palpable as he was in utter shock that the car was his, but now he's posing with his latest ride to flex on those who may criticize his lifestyle. The rapper posted a photo to Instagram that shows him sitting on the hood of his new Lambo while wearing a matching 'fit. "Talk behind my back cause you want my life But take that up with God he gave it to me," he penned in the caption.

While he shows off his birthday present from his beloved wife, Migos fans are still waiting on news about their much-talked-about album, Culture III. There were rumors that it would arrive sometime in 2020, but with the new year arriving next week and no album rollout in sight, we may be waiting a bit longer. Check out Offset's post below.

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