While fans have been waiting on a brand new project from the Migos, they've not only been locking in studio ventures but also expanding their business portfolios. Offset, particularly, has been vocal about the importance of being an entrepreneur, real estate, and more. The rapper announced his partnership with e-sports organization Faze Clan.

Although Offset is more of a fan of Call Of Duty, his teammate FaZe Jarvis has been rocking with Fortnite but was unfortunately banned for life after using illegal software to get a leg up during a tournament. Fortnite and Epic Games aren't budging but perhaps Offset's celebrity status could get the companies to change their minds. The rapper spoke out against Epic Games for the ban, saying that Jarvis is only a kid and that it's unfair to ban him for a whole lifetime.

"Fortnite says the game is for the youth. The youth makes mistakes a lot of times. Let the kids play, that what they love to do," Offset said. "Give him a ban. Like, ban him for 30 days. Give him probation terms or something like that and then if he keeps doing the same violations then you do that [suspend him for life]."

Ultimately, the Father Of 4 is all about the kids and he doesn't want to see Epic Games ruin the fun for the young gamers.