Noname, real name Fatimah Warner, produces and composes music with a style that has prompted listeners to label to her "conscious" - a label that is befitting of Warner, but also one she is attempting to stray away from. The poet slash rapper is recognized and celebrated for her lyrics that cover various aspects of the black female experience, roping fans into the world of the Chicago born and bred artist. Her rhymes are intelligent and her stories are delicate, each filled with heart, humor, or both. For those unaware, she recently dropped the artful follow up to her 2016 Telefone mixtape, Room 25

Moments after its release, it was clear that this project would soon become a fan favorite, and the accolades have been streaming in already. In the groovy opening song titled "Self," Noname, drops a couple of bars that have caught the attention of the Internet: “Fucked your rapper homie, now his ass is making better music/My pussy teaching ninth-grade English/My pussy wrote a thesis on colonialism/In conversation with a marginal system in love with Jesus/And y'all still thought a bitch couldn't rap huh?”

Chicago rapper and comedian Open Mike Eagle took to Twitter to share, “@noname yo…‘my pussy wrote a thesis on colonialism?’...that might be the best line i ever heard.” The reactions haven't stopped coming in since, check some of them out below.