Karen Civil has been trending since the weekend because of claims that Jessie Woo and Joyner Lucas made about the music industry executive. Civil has been around the music business for years, and she's best known for her work with artists including Nipsey Hussle, YG, Lil Wayne, and many more. During a Clubhouse conversation this weekend, Civil was accused of scamming artists out of thousands of dollars, promising to come through and help them with growing their careers but falling through and pocketing the money anyways. Jessie Woo made strong allegations against Civil, and Joyner Lucas says that she stole $60,000 from him

Because of how close Karen Civil was with Nipsey Hussle, the late rapper's shop has officially issued a statement supporting Civil, attempting to convince hip-hop fans that she hasn't done any wrong and standing by her.

Unique Nicole/Getty Images

"Always been a phone call away when ever we needed you please know it’s the same with us for life @karencivil," wrote The Marathon Clothing, Nipsey's Crenshaw shop, on Instagram. 

This comes after music executive Kita Trotter, who used to work with Nipsey and was also in the Clubhouse discussion this weekend, called out Karen Civil and said that the rapper fired Civil a long time before he passed away.

"Karen Civil get tf off Clubhouse lying," wrote Trotter on Instagram. "Nipsey fired yo dumb ass long before he passed! You sitting on this app lying saying you got him every deal he had? N***a you came around after the work was already put in. You didn't come up with Proud 2 Pay. You was a bitch doing interviews. I'm on yo fuccin neck bro!!!!"

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