Since announcing his latest partnership with Atlantic Records, all eyes have settled on Nipsey Hussle's official commercial debut, Victory Lap, set to hit speakers at the top of next year. In that same spirit, Nip has been making the press rounds, dropping off nuggets about his deal and forthcoming effort for fans and critics alike.  

In a recent stop, he sat down with 92.3 LA's Bootleg Kev and DJ Damage for a candid conversation in his hometown. The topics of conversation touched on the usual suspects while bringing forth a few interesting snippets, one of which arrived in the form of that rumor of a possible supergroup composed of Nipsey, YG, and Dom Kennedy. While his response to the prompt was brief and simple, it provided loads of optimism in the actualization of such a project. 

"That's so easy to do," he confirmed. "It's just about timing and making it make sense, but that's easy. That ain't nothing too complicated." 

Naturally, the interview also brought up the question of Victory Lap, and towards the end switched gears onto the creative process of crafting his studio debut as Nipsey alluded to the successes of debut efforts from the likes of Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, and Nas for example. 

"My model was just to do my version of that," he said in reference to the iconic debut albums of Hip-Hop's greats. "You had a person that had the most people listening to them that they've ever had listen to them in their whole life. So, what do you say when you got the most ears? That's how I look at the album. I'll be heard on the highest level on these 15, 16 songs. So, what's the most important thing for me to say?" 

Victory Lap is set for release on February 16th, and the most recent single "Rap Niggas" has served as the first official teaser of the project as a whole. Check out the full interview below.