Nipsey Hussle took a risk to release his album at the top of the year. Despite the number of great albums we've received in the past 12 months, Victory Lap is still considered one of the best releases of the year. In a recent article in Billboard, the rapper said that he wasn't aiming to have the best album of the year, but rather, release something timeless.

Nipsey Hussle opened up on why he believes that Victory Lap should be considered the album of the year. His Grammy-nominated debut album was announced in 2017, but the rapper said that the project feels like a culmination of his entire career in the rap game.

"I just think the amount of life, the amount of narrative, the amount of truth, the amount of pieces of somebody's life stories that went into Victory Lap is one of the reasons why my album is the best rap album of 2018," he said. "I wasn't trying to make the album of the year, I was just trying to make something that would stand the test of time."

And he did. Instead of Victory Lap being forgotten about a few weeks after its release, the rapper's latest body of work became one of the most celebrated rap albums of the year. "I just wanted to do something timeless and that years from now, you'd enjoy it and say, "That was classic hip-hop right there. That's what our genre sounds like [at its best]," he said. 

He added, "I just felt like it was like a moment for me as a fan of hip-hop, and as a fan of the underdog, and just the American dream of coming from nothing to something."

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