"Fortnite" completely took over pop culture this year. It's not the first time that a video game dominated mainstream culture, but there's an argument to be made about the video game's prominence in hip-hop culture this year helped "Fortnite" become a global phenomenon. According to popular gamer Ninja, gaming was pushed into the mainstream this year due to Drake.

In a recent interview with Variety, Ninja opened up about how the impact of "Fortnite" this year. As one of the most popular gaming streamers on Twitch, he's gained a major following off of "Fortnite." However, one of the biggest moments in his gaming career occurred earlier this year when he touched down on the live streaming platform with two of the biggest rappers in the game: Drake and Travis Scott. Ninja claims Drake had a role in bringing "Fortnite" to the mainstream.

“Drake, that is what pushed gaming into the mainstream and made it cool,” he said.

Unfortunately, things between Drake and Ninja have soured over the months. Ninja essentially accused Drake of clout-chasing, suggesting the rapper's "Fortnite" session was used to tap into a new demographic. Additionally, Ninja claimed that Drake didn't settle his $5K bet. Ultimately, Drake unfollowed the gamer on Instagram following the comments.

Regardless, Ninja seems to still have love for Drake for his contributions to the gaming world.