Who knew Drake was a gamer? On Wednesday night, the Toronto rapper decided to come out of nowhere and link up with the popular gamer Ninja of Luminosity Gaming on his stream to play some Fortnite together. The 6 God sent out a tweet right before midnight, sharing the news to his followers, and then showed off his skills online, even coming in 1st place in the process.

While they played the popular Battle Royale title the two discussed what they love about the game, upcoming maps, Luminosity doing well in the PUBG circuit, playing video games in the studio, and a lot more. Drake could hilarious be heard talking strategy and making his comments/ adlibs throughout his play of course as well.

The stream itself racked up over 600,000 viewers, and then saw Mega Upload founder KimDotCom joining in with them. The 600K views smashes the previously Twitch record set by Dr. Disrespect last month when he reached 388,000 viewers on his stream, but when anything involves Drake records are going to get broken.

Watch the awesome live stream (below) or a recap of their games when its all over. (Also included some tweets from fellow industry folk like DJ Akademiks, who's a big player on Twitch himself.)