Yesterday was a celebration across the hip-hop community, as fans and artists alike celebrated the 31st birthday of one Aubrey Graham, better known as Drake. The Six God, so beloved that he had stars like Jamie Foxx and Lamar Odom trying to push their way into the nightclub party he held on Monday night to commemorate the occasion. When you don't have a big enough guest list for all of your celebrity friends, that's how you know you're really popular. Check out some of the video from both of Drake's birthday celebrations in Toronto and Los Angeles here

There were even more well wishes for the rap superstar on social media, with supporters from all walks of life taking time out to show some love for Drizzy and all he's accomplished in his (still) short rap career. One of the biggest names to do so was Nicki Minaj, the hip-hop empress who has collaborated with Drake before, both in the studio and live in concert. You can see her Instagram post to mark the occasion below.

"We slept on the same tour bus," she wrote in the caption to the picture, "performing 2 mins each on Wayne’s tour every night. You always gave me the best advice. Your success continues to inspire me. Happy Birthday brown bwoy!!!!" The pair have maintained a friendship over the years and continue to be seen at the same celebrity hangout sessions. Coming off of their most recent collaboration "No Frauds," there's no word on whether or not Nicki plans on bringing Drizzy aboard as a feature on her next album, but fans of their previous team efforts are surely crossing their fingers and wishing for it to happen at least one more time. 

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