The music industry is a cruel place, take this as an example. In lieu of finding a perfect fit, Little Mix had Nicki Minaj lined up as the "big name" feature for "Woman Like Me," with Cardi B standing in tow as a "plan B," unbeknownst to the pecking order in place. That's the belief around town.

TMZ has learned that Nicki Minaj was slow to submit her verse, causing Little Mix to nearly ax the accord. You'd have to think, knowledge of losing a feature to Cardi B would have sent Nicki Minaj into hysterics. Nicki's timely response saved her the distinction of gaining the upper hand in their ongoing tussle.

Little Mix were reportedly happy to play a waiting game, but with their parent label "breathing down their neck" the situation soon intensified. In a rant that aired on social media, Cardi B claimed that "Woman Like Me" was intended primarily for her. Cardi B also recapitulated the infamous shoe-throwing incident, claiming Cardi B's constituent Rah Ali had obstructed her, causing her to play the fool. Conversely, Nicki Minaj is offering $100,000 to anyone with a footage from the affair. 

TMZ is reporting that Little Mix wants no part in the ongoing feud, and is reportedly happy with the outcome of "Woman Like Me," all things considered.