Nicki Minaj rented out the pool and basically filmed every single vignette right there and then. First came the splish splash with Ariana Grande, then this nsfw preview she posted on her Instagram, a preview from the upcoming "Ball For Me" music video with Post Malone. The loop positions Nicki Minaj on all fours in a loose fitting sheer dress, which is rendered completely see through through contact with water.

Nicki's entire Queen campaign has relied on her teasing her audience, much like she's done here with the male gazer. Her single run to date has not charted as she'd expected leading to postponement and second guessing. But a little prod from Post Malone should keep her in conversation for another month or so.

Up to this point, Nicki has staggered her rollout to coincide with public appearances, radio appearances, single drops, cameo appearances, and now a scintillating video loop which can be viewed over a hundred times in matter of 5 minutes. Nicki is aware that she has several chess pieces at her disposal, and is wise to not dispense them all at once.

Not to mention, Post Malone seemed to be celebrating the news a few days in advance. His jet activation is in no way connected to the estuary Nicki Minaj has rented out for her vignettes. The "Ball For Me" video is unarguably in the post-production phase. We know that thanks to Nicki Minaj's self-indulgent display.

Rest assured.