The Nicki WRLD Tour may have been off to a rocky start after Nicki Minaj was forced to cancel a few shows during her European leg, even inciting retaliatory "Cardi B" chants from angry fans in the process. Nonetheless, Nicki Minaj has not addressed the hiccups much, choosing to focus on the successful tour stops, highlighting the journey, per usual, on her trusty Instagram account for all to see. 

But, nestled in the photographic evidence of a successful trek, somewhere between a tribute to her beau and a thank you post to fans in Scotland, Nick decided to drop off a little reminder as to why she remains top 5 on most lists, rapping aside. In a racy new flick of the "Good Form" rapper perched on a sofa, Nicki rocks a leather leotard with her backside taking the spotlight front and center as she captions, "Mi body riiight. Punani tiiight."

Naturally, Nicki Minaj is no stranger to the art of the thirst trap and returns just to show us how it's done. It's a lighthearted break from the controversy surrounding her failed tour stops in addition to new of her boyfriend Kenneth Petty reportedly pleading guilty to charges of speeding on a suspended license. It's not much that will hurt Petty's already checkered history as TMZ reports that all he'll have to do is pay $88 in fines and update his license. As for the pairing, the couple seems to be in continuous bliss to the naked eye.