Nicki Minaj has made her presence felt this year, staking a claim for the throne with her solid Queen project. Now, hip-hop's self-proclaimed Queen has traveled to the actual Queen's turf for some upcoming visuals. Deviating from her previously released album tracks like "Bed," "Chun-Li," and "Ganja Burns," Nicki has opted for the David Guetta, Jason Derulo & Willy William assisted "Goodbye" to hold the honor. Minaj took to Instagram to tease the impending clip, which looks to feature a highly cinematic aesthetic; given Nicki's Smaug-like hoard of stopped bags, it's no wonder she has money to spend. 

The video appears to feature a narrative, which pairs a young rapper with a beautiful fan; it seems likely that all manner of Bonnie And Clyde style antics will ensue. Though the single is not technically a Nicki Minaj solo cut, it seems as if she's more than willing to put in the promotional legwork. When Nicki Minaj eats, so too do those at her royal table.

Keep an eye out for the "Goodbye" visuals, dropping soon.