While an increase Ariana Grande's relationship antics may prove a bitter pill to swallow, rest assured her involvement in this post is exclusively of the musical variety. True, even that may prove a dubious proposition for the more skeptical hip-hop fan, but the Nicki Minaj involvement should pique a few interests. On that note, Minaj has set the week off right, continuing her productivity streak with a new announcement. It would appear that Nicki's upcoming single, the Ariana grande assisted "Bed," is set to drop this Thursday, June 14th.

Despite pushing her upcoming Queen album back from June 15th to August 10th, it would appear that Minaj is rolling out the project as if the former date is still holding. After all, Minaj has already kicked off the week with a new Lil Wayne assisted single by the name of "Rich Sex." You can stream that here. As of now, it remains unclear whether "Chun Li" and "Barbie Tingz" will be appearing on the forthcoming record. If so, by Friday, we'll have a solid indication of Queen's solid direction. 

Perhaps Grande will play against type on the upcoming "Bed," but it stands to reason that the upcoming collaboration with be more aligned with Nicki's pop sensibilities. Though, in keeping with the thematic content of "Rich Sex," some good old fashioned pillow talkin may very well ensue. Sound off below - are ya'll hyped for this one? Or do you think Nicki should stray away from the radio crowd?