Third time's a charm for Nick Young and girlfriend Keonna Green, as the two have announced that they have a bun in the oven. Young shared the good news on social media revealing, "Number 3 is on the way." He shared an emoji of a pregnant woman before writing, "I knew being at home this would happen, lol."

Young and Green are high school sweethearts who have been in an on-again-off-again relationship. They're currently happily in love, and the two already have a son, Nicki Jr., and a daughter, Navi. When someone teased him about having another girl, Young joked that he couldn't handle it. "Don't say that, girls are too much lol," Young wrote. "I can't do another one."

The NBA player has had much more free time at home after the Denver Nuggets waived him after only four games. He signed to the team on December 10, but by the 30th, he was out. The baller also recently made waves online after he had a few words to say about the "snitching culture" when he tweeted, "Ppl mad at 69 for snitching but watch Surviving R Kelly & neverland." People didn't appreciate the comparison, but that didn't stop Young from sharing his mind.

He knows a thing or two about "snitching," especially after the highly-publicized drama he was embroiled in a few years back when he was dating rapper Iggy Azalea. His teammate D'Angelo Russell was blamed for the couple's breakup following a recording that was released that featured Young admitting to cheating on his then-girlfriend. That split ultimately led Young back into the arms of Green, and the two have been together ever since.