Nick Cannon revealed a lot about his personal life during his interview with XONecole. Some of the juiciest parts of the exchange relate to his views on love and marriage. Since Cannon is a comedian, he often offers a humorous take on the questions he is asked, but he always follows up with the kind of answer that can only come from deep reflection. 

The television host, who is famously linked to Mariah Carey as her ex-husband, says he would never get married again. He jokes, saying that his tombstone should be engraved to celebrate his perpetual singledom. Then, he gets to the root of the issue.

"I feel like that's something that I've done before, I've experienced it, it's a beautiful thing. But it's not really something I'm looking to do again. I lived it, I enjoyed it. But my views have changed quite a bit since then. I definitely will fall again, but I don't need some paperwork from the government to solidify my love."

Cannon explains that his main priority is his family and that work ranks before dating. If he were to date, the woman in question would have to make it easy for him.

"They gotta ask me. If someone wants my attention, they gotta show me they want it. I'll make it simple: I like who likes me. I'm not really gonna put myself out on a limb because I'm too insecure for that."

The energy must flow between for parties for an encounter to flourish into something more.

"I'm an energy dude. As funny as it sounds, energy is drawn towards each other. I'm always involved with the people I'm supposed to be involved with because their energy attracts me and my energy attracts them, so we kind of end up meeting halfway when it's right, you never have to force it. If you have to force it, it's not supposed to be. I rather just allow the universe to bring it together and have a serendipitous experience."