A New Jersey man was arrested on August 1st for hosting a packed house party in violation of the state’s social distancing guidelines. Ashay Knight, 45, was charged with "recklessly creating a risk of widespread injury or damage" and multiple summonses, including a violation of Governor Phil Murphy’s executive order on gathering sizes, intended to curb Covid-19 spread

Knight’s arrest came after police arrived at the scene of the party around 10pm for a noise complaint and encountered around 300 to 400 people congregating in the rented Alpine mansion without masks or adequate distancing. "This is absolutely out of hand. I agree with all of that… This is not how we do things. It got out of control," Knight said afterwards expressing his regret. 

The area’s residents say that they "lived next to a party house all summer." "We've witnessed a night club being operated from the backyard of an Alpine house," one said, adding "I've been to Vegas a number of times and this is like a pool party that they throw there." The house is owned by personal injury lawyer Joseph LaBarbera.

Knight turned himself in to authorities Friday and has a court appearance on August 26. Meanwhile, promoters are spreading the word about another event scheduled in the Alpine house this weekend.