Netflix's Bright film received a lot of attention following its release. It was a highly anticipated movie that also had a stellar soundtrack behind it as well as a solid cast. Netflix did a great job at marketing the film and building the anticipation around it. While it's been polarizing among viewers and non favorable among critics, it was still a highly successful film. According to Nielson, who only began measuring Netflix's viewership earlier this year, Bright has made an incredible debut within its first three days of being released.

According to Deadline's report, Netflix's Bright received 11 million TV viewers in the United States within the first three days of it's release. They say the movie appealed more to a younger demographic. The statistic is noted as being strictly from TV viewership so there's likely many more people who watched the film on other devices. They also say the majority of viewers (56%) were males.

Considering the massive viewership, it should come as no surprise that many were speaking on it. Roughly around the time of its release, Netflix had signed on to make a sequel for the film which makes it the first streaming service movie franchise. 

What's more interesting perhaps is the polarizing response the film received. While there were no doubt many that appreciated the film, there was also a lot of backlash that surrounded the film from critics as well as Chance The Rapper. Chance recently chimed in on Twitter to say he felt a little cheated from the allegorical racism.

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