In the days following Netflix's unveiling of a remixed version of Arrested Development's fourth season, the company has released a trailer for the show's upcoming fifth season. The short preview retains all the classic hallmarks of the series, including its beloved roster of characters and their amusing hijinks/quips. 

Lucille's hilariously overzealous cheers make an appearance in the clip, alongside Tobias' return complete with hair plugs and blue smudges on his body that harken back to his previous endeavours that failed quite amusingly. 

While the fourth season's less than stellar narrative left a dour taste in some viewers' mouths, season five is looking to bring back all of the scenarios and characterizations that gave the show its iconic status during its initial cable TV run. The dysfunctional family flubs are what audiences crave, and this upcoming season looks to be focusing on that premise. 

Peep the trailer below in anticipation of its debut on Netflix: