Netflix has released the first visual for their upcoming revival of the 1965 television show Lost in Space. The streaming giant had announced plans for the reboot as early as 2016, and will keep the original premise which follows the Robinson family as they head into space to establish a new colony, but accidentally land on a different planet. The trailer suggests that earth is not habitable anymore, which essentially requires its residents to try and find their way into a more sustainable environment for humans. 

The trailer suggests that the series will blend retro and contemporary influences, which is readily apparent in the appearance of the characters' space gear. The creators of the 2018 version of Lost in Space harken back to their source material by including "Danger, Will Robinson," the classic line from the original outing. The trailer also showcases a sneak peak at the accident that effectively sends the family of course into unchartered territory. 

Lost in Space initially ran on CBS for 85 episodes, and has since been adapted as a feature film starring Friends star Matt LeBlanc. The WB once commissioned a televisual reboot of the series, but it was never aired. 

Netflix has been pretty prolific in reviving fan favourites, as they recently brought back Full House (newly titled Fuller House), Mystery Science Theatre 3000Gilmour Girls, and Arrested Development

Peep the trailer below: