Ryan Murphy, the man behind some of FX's most popular program, and Netflix have struck up a deal together to generate original and adapted content with the streaming giant. The New York Times is reporting that the Murphy could potentially be earning $300 million, which is definitely one of the largest deals between studio and showrunner in entertainment history. 

Murphy will produce both television series and films including two titles that are already in production, the One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest fan fiction Ratched, and The Politician, a political satire starring respected broadway star Ben Platt.

Netflix's chief content officer Ted Sarandos reveals that "Ryan Murphy’s series have influenced the global cultural zeitgeist, reinvented genres and changed the course of television history. His unfaltering dedication to excellence and to give voice to the underrepresented, to showcase a unique perspective or just to shock the hell out of us, permeates his genre-shattering work."

However, the shows that Murphy has established for FX, including American Horror StoryFeudAmerican Crime Story and 9-1-1 will remain on the network they originated from. 

Murphy has been a bit ambivalent about working with FX after the company was purchased by Disney in December of last year. Murphy's work is typically transgressive in subject matter, covering a variety of topics that veer beyond more mainstream narratives in terms of subject matter and tone. The TV maestro reportedly said "the stuff I do is not Disney and I’m not interested in that and I’m concerned about that. ‘Am I going to have put Mickey Mouse in American Horror Story?’”