N.E.R.D. are officially back after seven damn years. Today their highly anticipated project No_One Ever Really Dies hit the scene and the 11-track tape has people buzzin'. They recently paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform two of the biggest tunes "Lemon" and "1000," where they cleared the set for a full-on dance session that saw the now-famous dancer, Mette Towley, bustin' some moves - as she does in the "Lemon" video.

In an interview clip with Pharrell Williams, he talks about how the crew (including Chad Hugo and Shay Haley) got back together after such a long hiatus. "It just hits you when it hits you," he says. "I mean for me I just can't make things for myself. I'm so much better at working with other people producing, writing songs for other people because they inspire me. I don't inspire myself." 

The man that doesn't age further explains how he and his team just went with the project willingly and didn't think about it too much as a way to not get too distracted.

Check out the clips below!