Nelly's rape case is still going strong as his accuser Monique Greene wants the defamation case against her dropped because she says the allegations are true. The Blast reports that the 25-year-old has filed documents that say she didn't defame the rapper because all accounts are real and she is exercising freedom of speech. 

Monique claims that Nelly's case is defaming her in the press in order to protect “a performing artist who peaked in popularity a decade or so ago.”

Nelly's accuser is also going after his girlfriend Shantel Jackson for giving him an alibi to “further his defamation campaign” against her. Shantel says she was with Nelly on the tour bus and in the dressing room at the time the assault happened, where Monique says Shantel is "lucky" she didn't tell the lie under oath or she'd be committing perjury. 

Monique stated that Nelly started masturbating while on tour bus with her and then performed oral and vaginal sex on her without her will, last October. 

Nelly has continued to deny all the allegations and other claims from different women.