Ever since accusations of rape against Nelly have surfaced, there's been other women who've came out with similar stories. The rapper has kept his innocence and received support from many of his peers. The rapper later filed a counter suit against one of his accusers and said that she lied to get him arrested. It seems like much of this has taken a major toll on her as she recently checked in the hospital for emotional distress.

According to TMZ, Monique Green, one of Nelly's accusers, checked into the hospital for emotional distress. Green apparently had a conversation with one of her friends on the phone and after hanging up, her friend had concerns for Green's well-being. The report says she later called the police to make a welfare check after she hung up. 

Green ended up going to the hospital voluntary after emergency personnel showed up to her house and suggested she goes. According to the report, she was released a few hours later after they found no alarming signs or talk of suicide.

The alleged victims lawyer confirmed that she went to the hospital to TMZ. She said the friend called the police due to the "continuing severe emotional distress related to the alleged Nelly rape and the aftermath" that Green faced. 

A few days a go, reports also surfaced that said that Green wants the defamation case against her thrown out because her story is true.

We'll keep you posted on more news pertaining to Nelly's case.