Take a mental note: if you go to an NBA YoungBoy concert (or any concert for that matter), do not throw things onto the stage. Seriously, if we haven't learned our lesson after countless artists have reminded us, we don't know what will get people to stop. For some reason, fans think that they'll catch their idol's attention if they throw an inanimate object at them while they entertain a crowd of thousands. The gesture is really sweet... it honestly is. However, in the world we live in, anything can be seen as an attack. YoungBoy Never Broke Again is not willing to take any risks while he's on stage and he called out his fans for throwing things at him while performing.

We've heard this story too many times with artists like Lil Wayne and others. If you throw something on stage, you will get called out. YoungBoy made an example out of one person in attendance at his show, reminding everybody that it wasn't necessarily a good idea to pitch things in his direction. "Which one of y'all p***y ass n***as just threw something?," asked the artist while pointing at a group of fans. He proceeds to give his most menacing look before swearing on his little boy that if somebody throws an object at him again, he'll hop in and start attacking people. He then hops into the crowd and threatens to "beat the fuck out of any one of" the fans.

We don't blame YoungBoy for reacting in this manner but at a certain point, you've got to let security do what they were hired to do.