If you enter a romantic relationship with YoungBoy Never Broke Again, you better be aware that you two will not be exclusive. For the last couple of years, the rising Baton Rouge rapper has been making headlines because of his chaotic personal life, seemingly switching girlfriends on a weekly basis. Between Jania, Kaylyn, Yaya, and a number of others, nobody is quite sure who the 20-year-old is dating as his main chick. These days, it feels like that spot is reserved for Floyd Mayweather's daughter. YB and Yaya are continuously in an on-again-off-again situation, which saw a low point when Mayweather allegedly slashed the tires on the rapper's car. Now that they're back on good terms, Yaya is apparently getting protective over what's hers and she's willing to throw hands to ensure that she stays in YB's good graces. 

Gary Miller/Getty Images

In a video exclusive to The Shade Room, Yaya Mayweather can reportedly be seen rushing up to another one of YoungBoy Never Broke Again's girlfriends and attacking her, shoving the woman, throwing shots and ending up on the ground in front of the Westin in Dallas. The identity of the other female is currently unknown but Mayweather appears to have had the upper hand, which would make her daddy proud.

The cause of the fight is unclear. Watch below and let us know what you think.