As if his "Freshman Class" single didn't make it clear enough, Nav isn't exactly a fan of XXL's Freshman Class. Hell, he doesn't seem to think too kindly of XXL in general. The rapper recently took to social media to fire off a good old-fashioned air out, and the publication found itself the recipient of some serious ire. 

Tagging XXL for good measure, Nav fires shots at XXL and their upcoming Freshman class. "FUCK XXL YOUR MAGAZINE IS TRASH," writes Nav, seething in all-CAPS rage-mode. He follows up with a second tweet, this time providing an explanation behind his rationale. "To my fellow artists," writes the rapper. "We shouldn’t look to a magazine for validation or to tell us if we "hot or not", especially one that hasn't been credible for 10 years. Make music for yourself and your fans. I would never show up for the Freshman List cuz I don't need their approval."

It's not quite clear what prompted this. Nav seems to have a pretty serious bone to pick with the Freshman list, going so far as to name his new single "Freshman List," where he proceeds to rap "I wouldn’t show up for the freshman list" as part of the song's chorus. Nav seems to be pressing a continuous attack on the publication, and one has to wonder what prompted this vendetta. Either way, it's doubtful that the rapper will find himself included in this year's class, especially after all but confirming he'd play hooky.