As reported this past week, Mystikal has his bond set at $3 million, and until the prospects of leaving his containment cell were looking grim. But as TMZ is reporting, Mystikal's attorney Joel Pearce is rounding up financial contributions from the rappers' friends and family. Pearce is also counting on the proceeds from a recently-signed record deal which calls for Mystikal to hand over three separate albums he'd already completed.

Pearce fell short of a dollar amount estimate of where they currently sit in the donation. That said, Pierce remains confident his client will be out on bail by the end of next week. For added context, Mystikal was awarded a new judge in the case over his first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping charges. This past week, Joel Pearce echoed his client's persistence with a PR message of sorts. 

"I don’t think that anyone should be made to stand trial for number one, something they did not do,” Pearce told the media. "And number two, something that’s caught up in this political movement, the #MeToo movement. Michael is not guilty of anything."

Mystikal's other attorney Tim Yazbeck confirmed that while a record deal is in place, his release next week is contingent on the distributor forwarding a monetary advance in a timely manner. If not, Mystikal aka Michael Tyler will not receive a pardon, it's as simple as that.