Mustard must have given up hot dogs and hamburgers, revealing on his birthday that he had nearly lost fifty pounds. He has been on the heavier side for years, finally deciding to make a change in his life and approach his diet differently. After putting in work in the kitchen and the gym, a new man was born.

"I made a promise to myself in January before the lock down that I was gonna focus more on my health, myself, get off of social media, and ignore all the distractions that i didn’t need! Well here I am today, 30 years old and 47 pounds down," wrote the super-producer on his birthday.

He has continued showing off his lifestyle change with new pictures, flexing his weight loss and looking svelte and slender.

Sporting a hairstyle that Dennis Rodman would be jealous of, Mustard stood on his tennis court in a form-fitting shirt. He proudly shows off his new figure, which will only continue to improve as he sticks to the new diet and workout habit.

Congratulations to Mustard on the 47-pound weight drop. That's not easy to do and it should be celebrated. His new focus on health will surely extend his life and ensure hundreds of hits in the future.