Well, it's been tough for the Birthday Season these past couple of months. Many have had to celebrate during lockdown as we battled the coronavirus, and now, we're battling systemic racism. Mustard was initially hesitant to share any one post celebrating his own day of birth today, June 5, but ultimately decided, why the fuck not?

As he says, he's a successful Black man who made to age 30. So again, why not? On top of his success in the music industry, he's also been tackling his health for quite some time-- and he took his celebratory moment to share just how far he's come. You may or may not recognize the rainbow-haired Mustard in the photos below, as he gives us a glimpse at his 47-pound weight loss. 

He wrote: "I’ve debated on not posting on my birthday because of all that’s going on but then i thought to myself, do you know how hard it is making it to the age of 30 as a black successful man in this world!!!? I do, and today i’m celebrating 30 years of life! I made a promise to myself in January before the lock down that I was gonna focus more on my health, myself, get off of social media, and ignore all the distractions that i didn’t need! Well here I am today, 30 years old and 47 pounds down!!!!"

We're not only wishing Mustard a very happy 30th birthday, and more to come, we want to congratulate him on this impressive weight loss. 

Check out the new photos below.