Much like millions of Americans right now, 50 Cent is watching the protests following the murder of George Floyd and he's sad about what's happening in the world. It's necessary for us to continue putting pressure for changes to be made and racial equality to be reached, but Fiddy is upset that it had to happen in the middle of a pandemic. With a second wave of the virus almost inevitable after thousands of people gathered across the country this weekend, the rapper is speaking out about how he feels about this all.

"This shit is just sad," he said on Instagram. "Well i guess we know the cure for the corona virus was racism everybody back outside mad as a mother fucker."

50 Cent is referencing the protests that have taken place all throughout North America, from Minneapolis to Los Angeles to Montreal. The photo he attached shows the Statue of Liberty with her head in her hands, ashamed of what has gone down in the last week. 

Fif was not alone in speaking about the state of the protests in the country. Tyler, The Creator also issued a statement after his shop was damaged in LA. He stepped out and joined protestors, doing what he can to use his platform for good. J. Cole and many others also took to the streets this weekend.