It would appear that California rapper Mozzy has been hit with some legal trouble. According to TMZ, Mozzy was arrested for gun possession, after police found a loaded glock in his backpack. Apparently, Mozzy was pulled over by Las Vegas police after he switched lanes without signalling. The irksome-yet seemingly innocuous move led to a series of unfortunate events for Mozzy. Apparently, he didn't have a driver's license, which led the police to search the car, and thus, discover the gun.

It's unfortunate, given the success of Mozzy's recent run, and the idea of yet another rapper facing jail time seems difficult to process. The problem is further complicated by Mozzy's status as a recorded felon, as he previously went to prison in 2014 for possession of guns and drugs. As we've already come to learn from Meek Mill's ongoing battle for his freedom, the shadow of the system can be difficult to shake. We can only hope we don't lose Mozzy for an extended period of time, should they decide to throw the book at him, like they did with 03 Greedo. 

As the conclusion has yet to be reached, it's not quite "Free Mozzy" just yet. Let us hope that the best case scenario can still be reached. As for now, he's facing a gun charge as a "prohibited person," which may or may not complicate matters. Mozzy was ultimately released after posting bail for $5k. The story is still developing.