When G Herbo's "Who Run It" remix challenge started to take over, everyone and their mom went to record their own version of the song. However, one rapper, Montana of 300, took a stand against the whole debacle, refusing to release his remix unless he raised $15,000 in a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign. Understandably, he's been catching some flak for this unusual decision, some from G Herbo himself, but mostly those who think he's being unreasonable with his demands.

Montana took some time last night to address the issue, taking shots at those who are complaining about his GoFundMe. In the Instagram post, he writes, "'😱He trying to make his fans pay for him to do a remix?' Is equivalent to 'He he tryna make his fans pay to get into his concert.'"

He continues, "Naw bitch I'm tryna make the ppl thats not my fans pay me ðŸ˜’. I done seen more simple minded mfs in the past 2 days than I've seen in my life." He also captioned the post, "Mfs is idiots."

So according to Montana, it seems that we're all misunderstanding his intentions with this GoFundMe. He clearly is holding strong on his belief that he should get paid for his work. That being said, it's not clear exactly how he intends to get people who aren't his fans to pay to hear a remix for on a beat that isn't even his, but it's best to take his word for it.

As of now his GoFundMe is sitting at $2,029 raised in only three days, so it's entirely possible that he'll meet his goal and we'll finally get to hear his remix.