G Herbo's "Who Run It" remix challenge has seeming caught the attention of every rapper out there, with artists such as 21 Savage, Wiz Khalifa, and even Slim Jesus dropping their own original versions of the song. 

There is, however, one rapper who isn't so eager to release his "Who Run It" remix, that is, unless he's paid for it. Chicago rapper, Montana of 300, decided that, rather than dropping his remix, he'd instead release a GoFundMe campaign, asking for $15K before he's willing to drop his track. The campaign was started on Monday, April 16, and has raised $870 as of the time of writing. 

Well, G Herbo isn't very pleased with Montana's decision to withhold his remix. He went on Instagram and expressed his shock over the whole thing, saying, "Y'all got rappers out here opening GoFundMe's and shit for 'Who Run It's' and shit, what the fuck is going on?" He doesn't mention Montana by name here, but there aren't too many rappers out there with crowdfunding campaigns. 

Montana is technically within his right to charge whatever he wants for to drop his "Who Run It." Rapping is his profession, and chances are you wouldn't be so pleased if you were told to work for free. That being said, it does somewhat spoil the spirit of competition that permeates the "Who Run It" challenge. The point of it wasn't to get a check, but to prove you were better than the competition.

What do you think about Montana's GoFundMe? Is his remix going to be worth the $15K price tag?