Every other week, there seems to be a report released about Moneybagg Yo and Ari Fletcher possibly breaking up after the blogs notice that they're no longer following one another. Then, usually a few hours after, they start following each other again and it's as if the rumors never existed in the first place. But why are they caught in this vicious circle? According to a recent interview with the Memphis rapper, it's because Ari is always blocking and unblocking him.

Responding to a fan about the status of his relationship with Ari, Moneybagg Yo said that his relationship with the social media influencer is a "forever thing". He elaborated on that during a Zoom call with The Morning Hustle.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

"It's going on almost two years in October," he said. "She understands, she get it. [...] With this situation I can talk how I want, I can say what I want, she accepts it. She gets it. She knows what's going on. That's how the money coming in. So why would she interfere in that? She understands everything, she's like my homie at the same time. She's like my friend at the same time. It's love."

Answering a follow-up question about their recent social media drama, in which they were both found to be unfollowing the other, Bagg said, "We just wanted to get away from the social media sh*t but we live with each other. We see each other every-- she with me right now. All the social media, like, we try to get away from all that but it is what it is. They see us."

Moneybagg Yo says that the longest amount of time he's been blocked by his girlfriend Ari is a few hours before she changed her mind.

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